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EuroIA 2022 Keynotes

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Cennydd Bowles

Designer and Technology Ethicist

Katy Arnold

Former Deputy Director for Experience & Strategy Delivery at the UK Home Office


the synergy of people and disciplines in design challenges to have an impact

As we’ve all been facing changes in our lives for 2 years, we’d deeply like to get together and sense the synergy needed to face the design challenges we went through. 

Organisations are realising they aren’t self-sufficient and some of their anti-fragility depends on healthy internal and external relationships, on their ability to shape the best environment for collaboration.  

We want to explore how people work together through design challenges, underline the value of being together with participatory governance and activities. What about you? How do you adapt your methods when you work with teams and organisations? Information architects increasingly collaborate and co-create with other fields such as interaction design, visual design, engineering, political science, social sciences and with a wide variety of societal stakeholders. How do we engage with other fields and support new interdisciplinary ways of working? How do you facilitate the discussion between stakeholders and other disciplines to make such an impact ?

EuroIA crowd in Amsterdam, 2016

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EuroIA 2022 Co-Chairs

Meet the new trio of volunteers that have accepted to take on the task of programming, organising, promoting and running the EuroIA conference.

Co-chairs are selected from members that have shown passion for the Information Architecture community.

Pauline Thomas

Raffaele Boiano

Regina Salihu